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The ComponentSource Professional Partner Tier introduces preferential online marketing, print marketing and media services, plus all the benefits of the Author tier.

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The ComponentSource Professional Partner Tier provides you with a comprehensive global online and direct marketing vehicle for your products.

For a marketing fee of $3,600 a year, or $360 per month, you get access to all the benefits of the Author Tier as well as the following Professional Partner tier benefits. This annual fee is less than the cost of a full-page color advert in one issue of a good developer magazine - there are no joining fees, and our standard discount terms give you 60% of your SRP (Suggested Retail Price) back for every sale.

Plus you have 2 marketing options to choose from:

Option 1: Product Marketing - Paper Catalog & On-Line

  • Quarter page product highlight with a short text description and screen-shots, plus up to 5 price entries in each issue of our paper catalog
  • Paper catalog is mailed 4 times per year to 50,000 developers
  • 1 Month - Free Web Site Advert on our ComponentSource Web Site

Option 2: Product Marketing - Enhanced On-Line & Email Marketing

  • A free "Featured Product Advert" in our weekly Customer Email Newsletter
  • 3 Months - Free Web Site Advertising on our ComponentSource Web Site
  • 3 Months - Free Keyword Search Advertising on our Web Site

ComponentSource provides you with a worldwide marketing channel for your products which includes (in addition to the Author tier benefits):

  • Where your products have been created and tested to prove that they can work on the Japanese edition of Windows and to support the display of Kanji (Japanese characters) via UNICODE or the Double-Byte character set - your product descriptions will be translated into Kanji and appear on our ComponentSource Web site in Japan:
  • Your products appear before Author tier products when customers browse business category listings on the ComponentSource Web sites and before Author tier products in ComponentSource partner stores such as DevPia in South Korea and others as they come online
  • Your new products and versions are tested and loaded before those at the Author tier
  • You will receive one month of a free sponsored link at a category level of your choice (subject to availability) on the ComponentSource Web sites
  • Your Professional Partner status is displayed with your product details and in the Partner area of the ComponentSource Web site
  • You can include a link to your own Web site from all of your products in the online product catalog, to make it easier for ComponentSource customers to find out more about you and your products, and for you to track referrals from the ComponentSource Web site (Note: That you need to provide a reciprocal link back to your products on the ComponentSource site)
  • Your product details can include a 150-word description of your company's credentials so customers know exactly who has developed the product - plus we will publish a reciprocal link to your Web site
  • You can include a product screen shot for all your products in their online product catalog entries
  • You can include a product screen shot for all your products in our search results page - to make your products stand out from the crowd
  • You can purchase additional marketing opportunities at a 20% discount off the normal fees
  • You can associate yourself with the ComponentSource global brand by using our "Professional Partner" logo on your Web site and marketing materials
  • ComponentSource will allocate you a Commercial Account Manager in: Atlanta, GA, or Reading, England or Tokyo, Japan, in addition to your Technical Account Manager. Your Commercial Account Manager will provide you with a review meeting upon request, usually every 6 months, from the effective contract date and typically every six months there after, to discuss how we can work together to continue to help grow your profile and the sales of your products

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