ComponentSource Celebrates 20 Year Partnership with Rebex

November 20, 2023
ComponentSource and Rebex have worked together for two decades, delivering Internet components to .NET developers worldwide.

ComponentSource celebrates two decades of collaboration with Rebex, a leading provider of Internet components for .NET. This enduring partnership has been instrumental in empowering businesses across various industries to streamline their data exchange processes and achieve seamless communication with their partners.

Rebex is a software company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 1995, the company has been developing .NET applications and components since Microsoft first released the .NET Framework in 2002. Rebex products are used by thousands of developers at more than 10,000 ISVs, corporations, and educational, governmental, and non-profit organizations around the globe.

Over the past 20 years, ComponentSource and Rebex have worked together to support businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Customers have consistently praised the reliability, performance, and ease of use of Rebex's components, highlighting their significant contribution to streamlining their business operations and enhancing their data exchange processes. By leveraging ComponentSource's vast global network and unparalleled expertise in software distribution, Rebex has achieved an expanding customer base worldwide.

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