Manage Spreadsheets in .NET 8

December 12, 2023
EPPlus V7.0.3 adds support for .NET 8, allowing developers to create, read and modify spreadsheets in the latest .NET release.

EPPlus is a powerful and versatile .NET library for managing and manipulating Microsoft Excel files using the Office Open XML (OOXML) format. It is a lightweight and efficient library that is easy to use and can be integrated into a wide range of applications. It allows developers to create, read and modify spreadsheets without dependencies on any other library. Features include pivot tables, styling, VBA/Form controls, conditional formatting, charts, tables, formula calculation, data validation, pictures/shapes, and more.

The v7.0.3 release adds support for .NET 8. This enables developers to easily create and manage spreadsheets while working with the latest iteration of Microsoft's .NET ecosystem.

To see a full list of what's new in v7.0.3, see our release notes.

For more information, see our EPPlus product page.