Improve Coding with Enhanced C# 12 Support

December 29, 2023
ReSharper 2023.3 adds support for C# 12 features including primary constructors, collection expressions, and interceptors.

ReSharper is an intelligent add-in for Visual Studio. It comes equipped with a rich set of features including intelligent coding assistance, on-the-fly error highlighting and quick error correction. ReSharper also supports code refactoring, unit testing, navigation and search.

The ReSharper 2023.3 release improves C# 12 features with support for primary constructors, alias directives to reference any kind of type, collection expressions and interceptors.  Eliminate repetitive field declarations and assignments by directly using primary constructor parameters within members. Constructor logic becomes more streamlined and focused, enhancing code clarity and maintainability. Easily transform existing classes and structs to leverage primary constructors, guided by ReSharper's refactoring capabilities.

To see a full list of what's new in version 2023.3, see our release notes.

ReSharper is licensed per user, and is available as a commercial annual subscription license. We can supply new subscriptions, subscription renewals (including continuity discounts), lapsed renewals, and additional user licenses. See our ReSharper licensing page for full details.

For more information, visit our ReSharper product page.