Refactor Private PHP Properties in Visual Studio

January 23, 2024
PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.78.19088 enhances code cleanliness by safely modifying data structures without breaking existing functionality.

PHP Tools for Visual Studio converts Microsoft's IDE into a complete PHP development environment, increasing productivity with features such as smart code analysis, preemptive code completion, integrated debugging, and project management. This single package combines Visual Studio's familiar interface with industry-standard capabilities, allowing you to easily develop PHP applications and websites.

The PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.78.19088 release adds support for refactoring private properties. This allows you to seamlessly rename, move, and extract private properties within your PHP project. Refactoring effortlessly transforms your code structure into a tidy and maintainable codebase without breaking anything, all within the familiar Visual Studio environment.

To see a full list of what's new in v1.78.19088, see our release notes.

PHP Tools for Visual Studio is licensed per developer and is available as a perpetual license with 1 year of upgrades and support. See our PHP Tools for Visual Studio licensing page for full details.

For more information, see our PHP Tools for Visual Studio product page.