Improve Database Workflows with Code Completion

February 27, 2024
dbForge Studio for Oracle V4.6 streamlines database view management with support for CREATE, ALTER, and DROP VIEW statements.

dbForge Studio for Oracle is a comprehensive software tool designed to streamline the development and administration of Oracle databases. It functions as a powerful IDE, offering features like code completion, debugging, and optimization for PL/SQL programming. It also provides versatile data editing tools, schema management, and data synchronization between Oracle servers. dbForge Studio for Oracle aims to enhance productivity for both developers and database administrators working with Oracle environments.

The dbForge Studio for Oracle V4.6.15 release adds support for CREATE, ALTER, and DROP VIEW statements, which allow you to manage views within a database. A view is a virtual table derived from the result set of a query against one or more underlying tables.

  • CREATE VIEW - establishes a new view.
  • ALTER VIEW - modifies an existing view by changing its defining query or structure.
  • DROP VIEW - permanently removes a view from the database.

To see a full list of what's new in V4.6.15, see our release notes.

dbForge Studio for Oracle is licensed per developer and is available as an Annual or Perpetual License with a 12 month support and maintenance subscription. See our dbForge Studio for Oracle licensing page for full details.

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