Track Database Object Changes over Time with Git

March 5, 2024
DBArtisan 18.6 now offers full Git integration, empowering DBAs to create and view projects directly within the application.

DBArtisan is a comprehensive database administration tool that allows you to manage various relational databases from a single user interface, simplifying administration tasks and improving efficiency. DBArtisan provides built-in performance analytics to proactively identify and troubleshoot performance issues within your databases. This can help DBAs optimize database queries, improve overall database responsiveness, and ensure smooth operation.

The DBArtisan V18.6 release adds full support for Git. This integration enables version control for database schema changes, which means DBAs can track changes made to the database structure over time, revert to previous versions if necessary, and collaborate more effectively on database development. Users can now create and view Git projects without leaving the application.

To see a full list of what's new in 18.6, see our release notes.

DBArtisan is licensed per Workstation, per Network Named User or Concurrent User and is available as a perpetual license with 1 year subscription and support. See our DBArtisan licensing page for full details.

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