Centralize MSI Distribution with SCCM

April 2, 2024
Publishing MSI packages to Microsoft SCCM optimizes software deployment and ensures uniform installations across managed devices.

Publishing MSI packages to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) enables centralized software deployment and administration across a network. SCCM can automate the packaging process by using the MSI installer's built-in features or integrating third-party solutions. This streamlines application distribution, reduces administrative overhead, and ensures consistency in software installations for all devices managed by SCCM.

Several installation tools allow you to publish MSI packages to SCCM, including:

  • Advanced Installer Architect by Caphyon is an authoring tool for Windows installers that allows you to build and edit MSI packages that can be deployed to SCCM.
  • InstallShield by Revenera is a leading Windows installation development solution that offers the ability to create and manage MSI installers for SCCM distribution.
  • PACE Suite by Infopulse offers a complete packaging solution that streamlines the rapid deployment of projects of any scale. It includes functionality for MSI editing as well as SCCM deployment.
  • AdminStudio Enterprise by Flexera provides centralized management and advanced editing tools for preparing applications, as well as a package distribution wizard for publishing MSI packages to Microsoft SCCM.

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