Reduce Memory Usage by Saving PDFs to Streams

April 2, 2024
Equip your .NET 8 app with the ability to save PDF files directly to a stream, enhancing data processing speed and reducing memory footprint.

Saving PDFs to a stream offers increased flexibility and efficiency in the management and transmission of PDF documents. This approach of saving PDF files segments the file's content into an organized and compressed sequence of bytes (the stream), representing the content and structure of the document. This method allows for faster initial loading by prioritizing text content, enables partial downloads for quicker access over slow connections, and reduces memory usage by loading only the currently viewed section. This allows for real-time processing, manipulation, and direct transmission of data without the intermediary step of storing it on a disk. Employing streams is particularly advantageous in scenarios requiring memory efficiency, dynamic content generation, seamless network distribution, or integration within larger systems where direct file handling is cumbersome or inefficient.

Several .NET 8 PDF components allow you to save PDFs to a stream, including:

  • DevExpress PDF Document API (part of DevExpress Office File API) is a cross-platform API library that can be used to manage PDF files and for saving PDFs as a stream in .NET 8 applications.
  • ComponentOne Studio WinForms PDF (part of ComponentOne Studio WinForms) by MESCIUS enables developers to create .NET 8 WinForms applications that can be used to create, manipulate, and export PDF documents which can be saved in a streamed format.
  • Telerik UI PDF for WinForms (part of Telerik UI for WinForms) is a flexible, high-performing WinForms library that supports .NET 8. It enables you to generate and edit PDFs as well as to save them to streams for optimized loading and memory usage.
  • IronPDF for .NET by Iron Software equips developers with a user-friendly C# library to generate, edit, and manage PDFs. It supports .NET 8 and allows you to save PDF files as a stream for efficient document management and web integration.

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