ComponentSpace Wins Two ComponentSource Awards

April 29, 2024
ComponentSource has awarded ComponentSpace a Top 50 Publisher Award and Top 100 Product Award for 2024.

ComponentSpace specializes in providing libraries and tools for developers working in the Microsoft .NET environment. It offers a suite of SAML and OpenID Connect libraries that enable developers to easily integrate secure single sign-on (SSO) functionality into their ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core web applications, streamlining the authentication process for users. ComponentSource has been in partnership with ComponentSpace since 2002, helping to distribute its award-winning products to the global developer community.

Congratulations to ComponentSpace on winning a Top 50 Publisher Award and Top 100 Product Award for ComponentSpace SAML Suite. We're pleased to once again recognize ComponentSpace's ongoing excellence in developing high-quality authentication components.

Each year, the ComponentSource Awards leverage real global sales data to identify the top 100 bestselling software components and development tools. This recognition not only reflects real-world adoption by developers but also provides valuable insights into current market trends and preferred solutions, making it a trusted source for gauging developer preferences. For full details on this year's awards see: