Elevate Document Security in Alfresco Share

May 9, 2024
ONLYOFFICE Alfresco Connector 7.0 adds advanced security options giving administrators more granular control to prevent unauthorized access.

ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition with Alfresco Connector combines an online document editor with a seamless integration for Alfresco Share, which is a content management platform that allows users to store, organize, and collaborate on documents and other digital assets. This integration allows teams to create, view, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets, presentations, and text files online, directly within Alfresco Share using ONLYOFFICE editors, boosting efficiency and eliminating the need for file switching.

The ONLYOFFICE Alfresco Connector 7.0 update (available as part of ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition with Alfresco Connector v8.0.1) adds advanced security options. It now uses JSON Web Token Secret and JSON Web Token Header to safeguard against unauthorized access, providing a higher level of protection. This release also gives administrators the flexibility to configure their own authorization headers directly on the editor's settings page, thereby offering a more tailored and secure document management experience.

To see a full list of what's new in ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition v8.0.1 with Alfresco Connector 7.0, see our release notes.

ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition with Alfresco Connector is licensed per server and is available as an annual license with 1 year of support and updates, or as a perpetual license with 3 years of support and updates. See our ONLYOFFICE Alfresco connector licensing page for full details.

For more information, see our ONLYOFFICE Alfresco connector product page.