Improve Readability for Wide Datasets

June 10, 2024
ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2024 v1 introduces a new Transposed View in FlexGrid for .NET 8 that allows rows and columns to be flipped.

ComponentOne Studio WinForms by MESCIUS is a comprehensive toolkit offering over 120 advanced UI components to streamline Windows Forms application development. It empowers you to build visually appealing and feature-rich applications with functionalities like data visualization through charts and reports, intuitive data editing with performant grids, and modern UI elements including ribbons and docking for a user-friendly experience.

The ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2024 v1 update introduces a new Transposed datagrid view for FlexGrid, enhancing its data presentation capabilities. This feature allows you to display data with rows as columns and columns as rows, providing an alternative view for scenarios where you have many columns or want to prioritize specific data points. This can improve data readability and analysis, especially for wide datasets or when focusing on specific attributes across multiple records.

To see a full list of what's new in 2024 v1, see our release notes.

ComponentOne Studio WinForms is licensed per developer on a perpetual basis and includes a 12 month subscription. See our ComponentOne Studio WinForms licensing page for full details.

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