Keep Your Application's UI and Data in Sync

June 10, 2024
Infragistics App Builder eliminates the need for manual synchronization between user interface components and the underlying data.

Infragistics AppBuilder is a cloud-based, WYSIWYG development tool that streamlines enterprise application creation through drag-and-drop functionality. Designed to accelerate development lifecycles, it empowers users to build business apps more quickly with features like pre-built templates, real-time code generation, and instant previews. This low-code approach is ideal for businesses seeking to improve development efficiency and shorten time-to-market for web applications.

The latest App Builder release streamlines development with two-way data binding for components including input, checkboxes, and date pickers. This powerful feature automatically synchronizes UI changes with your underlying data. Whether you're entering text or selecting a date, the data is instantly reflected in both the UI and your application logic. This bi-directional flow simplifies development by reducing the need for manual data propagation. The 'two-wayBindable' property grants granular control, allowing you to tailor how specific UI elements interact with your data, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of your app building process.

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Infragistics App Builder is licensed per developer as an annual subscription. See our Infragistics App Builder licensing page for full details.

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