Declutter Charts to Focus on What Matters Most

July 9, 2024
.NET Blazor Charts with show/hide series functionality let users filter multi-series data for focused viewing and detailed analysis.

In chart controls, show/hide series functionality empowers developers to dynamically control the visibility of individual data sets. This allows users to focus on specific series, enhancing data comprehension and analysis. By selectively hiding irrelevant series, developers can declutter the chart, making it easier for users to identify trends and patterns within the data of interest.

Several .NET Blazor chart controls offer show/hide series support including:

  • DevExpress Blazor Chart, part of DevExpress ASP.NET and Blazor, facilitates in-depth data exploration by letting you hide irrelevant series for focused analysis.
  • ComponentOne Charts for Blazor, part of ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition, enables you to dynamically control chart complexity through series visibility.
  • FusionCharts Blazor Suite XT, part of FusionCharts Suite XT, enhances user interaction with on-demand series toggling for clear data comparison.
  • NOV Chart for .NET by Nevron, offers granular control over chart content, including the ability to hide individual data series.
  • TeeChart .NET for Blazor by Steema Software, allows you to tailor chart visualizations by selectively showing or hiding specific data series.

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