Streamline Technical Writing with AI Assistance

July 9, 2024
JetBrains AI Assistant introduces Grazie for non-coding tasks including real-time proofreading, smart completion and translation.

JetBrains AI Assistant is a plugin for their IDEs that uses large language models to enhance your coding experience. It can answer your questions about code, suggest completions and refactorings, and even help you write documentation and commit messages. It analyzes the context of your project to provide the most relevant suggestions, and you can chat with it directly within the IDE. It's a powerful tool for programmers looking to boost their productivity.

The latest JetBrains AI Assistant update introduces Grazie, an AI-powered writing companion that elevates your workflow. Grazie provides real-time proofreading, completes sentences, and even translates between languages, saving you time. Leverage its AI chat to brainstorm and explore ideas, whether you're generating new concepts, drafting documents, or simply seeking alternative perspectives. Grazie's context-aware functionality ensures clear, well-articulated text throughout your process.

JetBrains AI Assistant requires that you already own a JetBrains IDE product with an active commercial subscription license and is licensed per user as a commercial annual subscription. We can supply new subscriptions, subscription renewals, lapsed subscription renewals, and additional developer licenses. See our JetBrains AI Assistant licensing page for full details.

For more information, visit our JetBrains AI Assistant product page.