ComponentOne Studio 2009 v3 released

Latest release adds new controls in WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight and iPhone.
November 19, 2009 - 18:01
Feature Release

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes components from all ComponentOne Studio subscriptions offering you over 180 components for .NET, ASP.NET (AJAX ready), WPF, Silverlight, ActiveX, and Mobile Devices. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise delivers the latest components, new releases, updates and upgrades, and email and online support for one full year from your date of purchase. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009 includes following product suites:

Updates in 2009 v3

ComponentOne Studio for WinForms

  • New XmlEditor control and Report Scheduler empower end-users to edit Xhtml documents and assign tasks for scheduling reports.
  • Existing controls such as FlexGrid and PDF have several enhancements.

Componentone Studio for WPF

ComponentOne Studio for WPF suite expands to parallel ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight. New controls include:

  • Accordion
    Display lists of expandable items, organizing your UI and optimizing screen real-estate.
  • Book
    Present element objects as if they were pages in a real paper-back book.
  • Cube
    Animate and display element objects on the faces of a 3D cube, and then rotate the cube to show one element at a time.
  • ColorPicker
    Select colors from professionally-designed palettes or build your own custom colors Supports transparency.
  • DropDown
    Create custom drop-downs.
  • Expander
    Expand and contract content.
  • MediaPlayer
    A full featured media player out-of-the box. Run media, video or audio while displaying playlists or in full-screen mode.
  • PropertyGrid
    The familiar Visual Studio property grid is now in WPF and includes 10+ built-in editors.

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight

  • DataGrid now has universal selection (cell, cell-range, row, column, each single or multiple), support for clipboard, ability to export to Excel, and row freezing.
  • DataGrid can display aggregate functions in grouped/total rows.
  • New DockControl that allows you to handle multiple windows in your Silverlight application, as well as new Tab and Toolbar controls.
  • 4 ready-to-use Gauge styles (Region, Ruler, Speedometer, Volume) that save you from having to design the look of your gauge.
  • PDF export capability. This is huge since printing is not supported in Silverlight.
  • New Chart types: Polar and Step.
  • Clear Style technology that allows you to easily change control colors without having to change control templates (in this release: DataGrid, Gauges, and Scheduler).

ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET

  • Windows 7 themeing added!
  • New control, SuperPanel gives you custom scrolling bars (both horizontal and vertical), resizing, rounded corners, and shadows in your web page.
  • Change color and theme properties with Foxy for ASP.NET. The CSS style editor's DOM Inspector allows you to grab pieces of the control and modify it.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Improved spell-checking in Editor.
  • Best practices in CSS spriting used in all VisualStyles for optimized performance.
  • Added tristate-checkbox ability to TreeView.
  • Added ADO.NET Entity Framework support added to GridView.

ComponentOne Studio for iPhone

  • New control: C1ViewScroller is a navigation menu for jumping to specific points in a page. It adds usability to long lists and lengthy content.
  • Client-side enhancements to give more powerful JavaScript development capabilities.
  • Added Touch, Gesture, and Swipe event helpers for enabling these rich interactions in any iPhone web app.
  • Hardware acceleration added for animations and styles.

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About ComponentOne

ComponentOne is the provider of the most comprehensive suite of visual components available anywhere and has been the leader in the Microsoft Visual Studio component industry for over 20 years. ComponentOne's flagship product, ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is the industry's broadest and most complete suite of development components for developing all layers of Windows, Web, WPF and Mobile applications. With the most powerful components designed for the .NET framework, Studio Enterprise delivers the tools developers need to produce next-generation UIs for Windows and the Web. Studio Enterprise allows developers to create rich user experiences with enterprise-level .NET Windows Forms applications, ASP.NET AJAX-enabled Web interfaces, as well as newly emerging WPF and Silverlight technologies with less code and in less time. ComponentOne is also the provider of Doc-To-Help, DemoWorks, and FrontLine. ComponentOne’s innovation and long standing commitment to the development community is recognized by the numerous industry and user accolades from ComponentSource, SD Times, Visual Studio Magazine, Windows IT  Pro and SQL Server Magazine, Info World, PC Magazine, Software Development Magazine, Dr. Dobbs, .NET Developer Journal, Society for Technical Communication, and Visual Systems Journal. ComponentOne is a privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

Controls including WebSchedule, Silverlight themes and C1Gauge.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise

A complete collection of performant, extensible .NET UI controls for mobile, Web, and desktop.

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