IntegralUI Lists adds pixel-based scroll

Version 3.1 also adds mouse wheel support and full compatibility with Visual Studio 2010.
January 06, 2011 - 17:41
Feature Release

IntegralUI Lists is a set of four feature-rich visualization controls for data and collections of items. IntegralUI TreeView for rich hierarchical treeviews; IntegralUI ListView  for display, selection and sorting of data and item collections; IntegralUI TreeListView with the combined power of TreeView and ListView and IntegralUI ListBox for the display, selection and sorting of data and item collections. All controls have built-in Live Editor and Drag & Drop support, fast node and item list creation, XML encoding of nodes, columns, items and subitems, highly customizable appearance and theme support (including Vista).

IntegralUI Lists contains the following controls which are also available individually:

Updates in V3.1

  • Pixel-based scrolling enabled for ListBox, TreeListView and TreeView controls
  • New Key property in ObjectEventArgs, used to uniquely identify different objects
  • Fully compatible with Visual Studio 2010
  • The Key which specifies the text from XML content is carried with the editing events
  • A built-in root node which will be used as parent for first level nodes and which retrieve the control Nodes collection
  • IsRoot property which determines whether a node is the root node
  • ItemObjectClicked and ContentObjectClicked events now carry also the MouseButtons
  • Mouse wheel supported in ComboBox, ListControl and NumericUpDown controls
  • EnsureVisible method for subitems. Using it will position the specified subitem to the center of the current view.
  • Retrieving a subitem by its Key

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TreeViews, ListViews and ListBoxes in IntegralUI Lists.

IntegralUI TreeView

Rich hierarchical presentation of data and custom controls.

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