Total Access Emailer for Access 2010 now available

Support for Access 2010, 32 and 64 bit, International Extended Characters, plus a new function to send only one email.
April 07, 2011 - 16:47
Feature Release

Total Access Emailer allows you to generate personalized email for everyone in your table or query. Messages can be in text or HTML format with attachments. Total Access Emailer allows you to use field values in your email subject and message to create unique, personalized emails for each recipient. You can even maintain an audit trail to know who was contacted when with Total Access Emailer.

Updates in Total Access Emailer for Access 2010

  • Supports Microsoft Access 2010, 32 and 64 bit Versions
    Total Access Emailer 2010 includes support for both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Office/Access. This includes the Total Access Emailer add-in, and for the Professional Version, the VBA runtime libraries and distribution programs
  • Compress Attached Files into One Zip File and Password Protect It
    Total Access Emailer can automatically compress all your file attachments into one zip file that is emailed to your recipient. You can even add a password for additional security. These features are on the Attachment tab when editing an email blast: The name of the zip file and password can be explicitly provided (example above) or use values from fields in your data source to create a unique file name and password for each recipient
  • Customize Attached File Names Based on Field Values
    Total Access Emailer now supports field references for embedded object names. Previously, the object names were fixed values. Now you can use the value from another field for all or part of its name.
  • Attachment File Extension Automatically Updated
    Additionally, when specifying the output format of an attachment, the extension for the file name is automatically changed based on your selection. So switching from HTML to PDF automatically updates the file name from a *.HTML to *.PDF. If you give your file name a non-standard extension, it is not modified.
  • International Extended Character Support
    Total Access Emailer supports text and HTML emails containing non-Roman, international characters such as: Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian and Urdu.
  • Interactive Code Generator
    The new Code Generator lets you interactively select options and build the VBA code to run the currently selected email blast in your application. Simply set your options and paste the code into your module to send and/or preview your email blast.
  • New Programmatic Interfaces to Improve Email Automation through VBA
    Several new VBA functions are available in the Professional Version to provide more options and control for VBA developers. For additional details, visit Sending Microsoft Access Email Blasts Programmatically (VBA):
  • Send One Email
    Rather than creating an email blast from the Total Access Emailer add-in, a new function, TotalAccessEmailer_SendOne, lets you specify the information for sending one email. Provide the FROM address, TO address, subject, message, etc., and the email is sent using your SMTP settings.
  • Preview Email Blasts
    In addition to sending email blasts, you can also preview the emails by sending them to an email of your choice along with the number of records to process. This is similar to the interactive Preview feature from the add-in which you can now incorporate in your application.
  • Update and Test SMTP Settings
    Two new procedures, TotalAccessEmailer_SetPasswords and TotalAccessEmailer_SMTP_IsValid, let you specify the passwords and test the SMTP settings. The sample database includes a form you can import into your application to give your users this feature as well.

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