RapidSpell Web Java updates browser support

Version 3.2 adds Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 support
June 01, 2011 - 9:26
Feature Release

RapidSpell Web Java provides JSP developers and designers with a cross browser (and multi client platform) web Tag that requires no client installation, no special security settings and as much programmatic flexibility as you want. RapidSpell Web includes 2 interfaces, an inline highlighter and a fast (no post back) dialog interface. RapidSpell Web uses combined and separate customizable 140,000 word U.S.& U.K.dictionaries (and user dictionary) and an advanced suggestion engine. Australian and Canadian dictionaries are available freely on request. Non English dictionaries are also available.

Updates in V3.2

  • Internet Explorer 9 support added
  • Firefox 4 support added

About Keyoti

Keyoti has provided Java consultancy since the year 2000 for a broad range of sectors, enabling them to bring to market component products of tried and tested real world code. Keyoti has developed a range of data validation components, including RapidSpell (a spell checker component for .NET and Java) and CreditCardPack (providing a range of credit card related components in Java Beans and EJBs). Keyoti is privately owned with customers including ABN AMRO and Siemens.

As-you-type spell checking.

RapidSpell Web Java

Add spell checker functionality and value into Web applications with a couple of lines of JSP code.

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