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RapidSpell Web adds spell checker functionality to your web applications by simply adding two .js files to any web page or by adding a JSP Tag to a JSP page or using the Beans in Servlets. There are no programming skills required to use RapidSpell Web Tags, making it accessible to JSP page designers as well as Java programmers. The UI provides all the usual features, add, change, change all, ignore, ignore all, undo, and smart suggestions. It interactively checks any HTML text box component.

RapidSpell Web Features

  • As you type mode - As-you-type spell checking with full in-document highlighting for Java Web (JSP & JSF) and Java Desktop (Swing only) application developers. Highlight users spelling errors as they type, paste or edit text within your app. Spelling suggestions are provided in a right click context menu.
  • Dialog mode - The dialog user interface provides all the common spell checking features such as, add (to user dictionary), change, ignore, ignore all, undo, and...

Latest News

RapidSpell Web Java v5.3
RapidSpell Web Java v5.3
April 26, 2021New Version
Adds the ability to set field labels for dialog checker with JavaScript mode usage.
RapidSpell Web Java v5.2
RapidSpell Web Java v5.2
June 30, 2017New Version
Set field labels for the dialog checker.
RapidSpell Web Java v5.1
RapidSpell Web Java v5.1
April 5, 2017New Version
Adds Polish and Russian UI texts, plus support for jQuery Combo box and improved as you type mode.
RapidSpell Web Java v5.0 released
RapidSpell Web Java v5.0 released
March 7, 2016Feature Release
New version adds a spell check options dialog.
RapidSpell Web Java updated
RapidSpell Web Java updated
December 2, 2014Patch Release
RapidSpell Web Java improves Browser support
RapidSpell Web Java improves Browser support
February 21, 2013Feature Release
As-you-type support added for Chrome and Safari browsers.

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1 Developer/Web-Site/Server License: Allows one developer to develop a web application/site, The deployment license key will restrict usage to one domain name and one server IP address, 4 Developer...

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