PowerShell Server V5.0 released

Updates include GSSAPI authentication, SCP secure file transfer and SSH 2.0 support.
February 01, 2012 - 10:54
Feature Release

PowerShell Server lets you manage your Windows based systems remotely without using a GUI interface like Remote Desktop. It also lets you configure your Windows servers from non-windows devices like your PDA or Blackberry. PowerShell Server is a secure access Remoting enhancement for Microsoft Windows PowerShell. It gives systems administrators and IT professionals the ability to enable Windows machines with a secure (SSH) remote entry point to a Windows PowerShell host. PowerShell Server can act as a standalone server or can pass remote objects through the included SSHRunspace Cmdlet, enabling SSH secured remoting.

Updates in 5.0

  • GSSAPI authentication (NTLM and Kerberos)
  • SCP secure file transfer
  • Secure SSH tunnels
  • SSH 2.0 support

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PowerShell Server

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