PowerShell Server

PowerShell Server is a full-featured SSH 2.0 server that enables Windows Desktops and Servers with a secure remote entry point to a Windows PowerShell Host. This gives users the power to securely manage Windows remotely through PowerShell from any standard SSH client.

In addition to terminal access, the included secure remote access cmdlets work with PowerShell Server to provide an easy-to-use WinRM alternative for PowerShell Remoting. PowerShell Server can act as a standalone server or can pass remote objects through the included SSHRunspace cmdlet, enabling SSH secured remoting.

PowerShell Server Features

  • Support for Secure Shell (SSH) Version 2.0
  • Run as a Windows Service or as a standalone user application
  • Securely connect to Windows PowerShell remotely...

Latest News

PowerShell Server V16
PowerShell Server V16
July 14, 2017New Version
Creates more secure connections using SSL Tunnels.
PowerShell Server V6 released
PowerShell Server V6 released
June 24, 2013Feature Release
Light-weight webserver with embedded PowerShell ASP and PowerShell 3.0 support.
PowerShell Server released
PowerShell Server released
June 12, 2012Press Release
Secure Remote Access to PowerShell over SSH.
PowerShell Server V5.0 released
PowerShell Server V5.0 released
February 1, 2012Feature Release
Updates include GSSAPI authentication, SCP secure file transfer and SSH 2.0 support.
Enterprise Subscriptions provide commercial support and additional capabilities.

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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

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