Liquid XML 2016 adds JSON Schema Editor

Simplifies visualizing, authoring and navigating complex JSON Schemas.
May 16, 2016 - 0:00
Feature Release

Liquid XML Studio is an advanced graphical XML development environment and Web Services toolkit. It contains the tools needed for designing, developing and testing XML applications complying with the W3C standards. Features include a variety of editors, data transforms and debuggers, Web Services and XML tools.

The following editions are available:

Updates in 2016

Graphical JSON Schema Editor

  • The new JSON Schema editor abstracts much of the complexity of the JSON schema standard, presenting the structure of the schema without showing the unnecessary complexity. This provides a view that makes it simple to understand and edit the schema. Access to the full range of related facets is available via the properties window and the JSON Source can be edited directly within the Source View. Features include:
    • Graphical and Source Split screen view.
    • Compliance with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) draft 4.0 JSON Schema Standard.
    • Allows validation of JSON files.

Data Mapper Java Code Generation

  • Compile data mapper projects to Java source code to be incorporated into a Java project.
  • Compile data mapper projects into a compiled jar to be executed on multiple platforms.

New Fixes and Improvements

XSD Editor

  • Improved drag and drop support.
  • Fixed error reporting issues.
  • Fixed XSD Intellisense timeout issue.

XML Editor

  • XML Formatting optimization and new Cancel option.
  • Fixed issue where left right keys did nothing when editing cell content in XML Grid Editor.
  • Fixed XML Intellisense issue when pasting end element with leading whitespace.

XPath Browser

  • Improved generated XSLT code.

Data Mapper

  • Fixed Filename input on XML writer.
  • Added new icons for file functions.

XML Sample Builder

  • Improved Total digits support.

XSLT Debugger

  • Improved Debugger to stop an invalid command when an error is encountered so you can look at the stack/watch values.
  • Improved Stack view so changing the stack frame changes the selected expression, so you can see the source for each stack FrameType.

XSLT Editor

  • Fixed an issue where Comment Selection was allowed when read only.

General Fixes

  • Fixed bug in Dialog manager to always remember Don't ask me again state.

New Performance Enhancements

  • Validate on load is now performed on a background thread.
  • Stopped flicker on loading project.
  • Faster data validation.
  • Optimized re-loading of error control.

General Improvements

  • Along with the new features outlined above, existing features have also been enhanced and improved with functionality requested by users.

* Please note that not all of the above features are available in all editions.

About Liquid Technologies

Founded in 2001, Liquid Technologies provides an advanced graphical XML Development Environment, containing all the tools needed for designing and developing XML Schemas and applications. Liquid XML Studio is used by companies around the globe including many FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 companies.

Graphical JSON Schema Editor.

Liquid Studio Data Designer Edition

An advanced XML developers toolkit and IDE.

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