PDF Xpress ActiveX 7 SP1

Adds page rotation capabilities and improved security features.
July 15, 2016 - 0:00
New Version


  • Added the SetRotationOfPage() method to the PdfDocument object to set the rotation of a page.
  • Added the UserSpaceResolution property to the PageInfo object.
  • Added the GetSecurity(), RemoveSecurity(), and AddSecurity() methods to the PdfDocument object.
  • Added the Security object.
  • Added the PDF_PermissionStatus and PDF_EncryptMethod enumerations.


  • Fixed an issue that would prevent initialization of the control on Windows 10.
  • When rendering the pages of some secure documents, the result would be an empty image.
  • When compressing a PDF, pages that had a Rotate entry specifying 90 or 270 degrees could be excessively compressed by mistake.
  • Calling Initialize() without specifying the Font and CMap parameters would cause a memory leak.
  • When compressing a PDF with a very complex structure, a Stack Overflow exception could occur.
  • When the same image was used on multiple pages, it could be excessively compressed by mistake.
  • Using a SDK toolkit license or a Node-Locked runtime license could encounter a performance issue.
  • When adding a TIFF image to a page, if the bit depth was unsupported in some cases the image would be inappropriately added to the page anyway.
  • For Documents that contain bookmarks that had Named Destinations that no longer exist an error 'invalid action object' would occur.
  • The ExtractPages() method of the PdfDocument object could leak memory if an error occurred during extraction.
  • When extracting images, sometimes the last row of image data would be left off.
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