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PDF Xpress v7.3 Professional ActiveX Deployment Licensing

(Servers are licensed per core, annually. Minimum 2 core per server.)

1 Server (per Core) - Annual Deployment Renewal License (Minimum 2 core per server)

Servers are licensed per core, annually. Minimum 2 core per server

Our Part #: CS-515550-1151047

Licensing & Delivery $ 1,764.00 Add to CartMin Qty: 2

Servers are licensed per core, annually. Minimum 2 core per server.

The license terms of this product require that we verify your eligibility prior to it being delivered.

After verification, your purchase will be added to your Accusoft Customer Account. Information on how to download, activate the software and assign your licenses will be sent to you via email, Usually within 1 business day.

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PDF Xpress ActiveX Licensing

One software license is required per machine.
Run-time NOT royalty free.
Please read the Licensing Information Web page from the Evals & Downloads section.

Note: If you are deploying a combination of Pegasus Imaging products, special discounts will apply. The cost will be the higher cost runtime plus 1/3 of additional runtime fees. Please contact sales@componentsource.com.
For example: If you are purchasing Product A Runtime ($120) and Product B Runtime ($150) together, runtimes won't be added together. Total price will be $190 (Product B $150 + 1/3 of Product A $40).

Please note: In order to receive your development/developer (SDK) license key you may be required to purchase runtime licenses at the same time. (Usually a minimum of 5 runtime licenses is required).
If you are purchasing additional developer licenses this requirement may not be necessary providing you already have a Runtime license agreement with Accusoft, you will still need to purchase runtime licenses according to your deployment needs.

A member of the ComponentSource Sales Team will contact you after you place your order to check that you have the licenses you require and will then send you information to access your license keys.

If you have any questions or require a a full quotation for Development and Deployment licenses please contact us

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