PostSharp Framework v5.0.28

Replaces PostSharp Professional and adds the PostSharp Architecture Framework.
July 14, 2017 - 13:22
New Version


PostSharp Framework replaces PostSharp Professional.

  • New Platforms
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 – PostSharp now supports the new MSBuild project format, side-by-side installations of VS, lightweight solution loads, and achieved significant performance improvements.
    • C# 7.0 – Tested and fixed all aspects with the new features of C# 7.0, including value-typed tasks and multiple return values.
    • Microsoft .NET Core 1.1 – You can now build applications that run on .NET Core 1.1, but you can still only build and debug them on a Windows machine running Visual Studio.
    • .NET Standard 1.3 – Support for .NET Core is achieved through .NET Standard, so you can use PostSharp in your own .NET Standard class libraries.
  • New Features
    • Code Contracts – It is now possible to add code contracts to return values and out or ref parameters. The values are validated when the method succeeds.
    • Architecture Framework – Added NamingConventionAttribute, ParameterValueConstraint  and  ReferenceConstraint.

PostSharp Framework includes everything you need to automate the implementation or validation of your own patterns, including the Architecture Framework which used to be a part of PostSharp Ultimate. However, PostSharp Diagnostics is removed. PostSharp Professional customers will be offered a free subscription to PostSharp Diagnostics for the whole duration of their PostSharp Professional subscription that has already been paid for. Support for the license server is also removed.

PostSharp Framework

PostSharp Framework

Build your own aspects and start eliminating boilerplate from your .NET codebases.

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