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PostSharp Ultimate allows developers to eradicate boilerplate code by offloading repetitive work from humans to machines. It contains ready-made implementations of most common patterns and gives you the tools to build automation for your own patterns. Developers usually think in terms of design patterns, but with conventional programming languages, they end up writing boilerplate code. PostSharp extends the C# and VB languages with the notion of the pattern. The result is shorter, cleaner code that’s easier to write and understand, contains fewer defects and is less expensive to maintain.

PostSharp Benefits:

  • Free yourself from repetitive code.
  • Reduce development costs and deliver faster.
  • Build more reliable software.
  • Add functionality more easily after the first release.
  • Get new team members productive quicker.

PostSharp Ultimate includes:

  • PostSharp Framework - Pattern-aware compiler extension for C# and VB.
  • PostSharp XAML - Companion for your XAML developments.
  • PostSharp Diagnostics - An instrumentation toolbox for .NET and .NET Core.
  • PostSharp Threading - A pragmatic way to...

Latest News

PostSharp v6.8.9
PostSharp v6.8.9
Adds the ability to disable logging for the current transaction.
PostSharp v6.6.x
PostSharp v6.6.x
Introduces source repository subscriptions based on lines of code.
PostSharp v6.5
PostSharp v6.5
Adds support for Docker.
PostSharp v6.4.x
PostSharp v6.4.x
Adds support for C# 8 and .NET Core 3.0 WPF and WinForms.
PostSharp v6.3
PostSharp v6.3
Adds support for Linux and macOS, plus improves VSX performance.
PostSharp Ultimate v6.2.5
PostSharp Ultimate v6.2.5
Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.

Prices from: $ 612.50

You can choose between Per-Developer, Per-Developer Lite and Per-Repo subscription options. Per-Developer licensing means that the subscription is bought for one or more developers. One Developer...

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  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

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