About JetBrains AI Assistant

Integrated context aware AI, right in your IDE.

JetBrains AI Assistant employs different large language models (LLMs) and transparently makes them work for you as a product user. It is powered by OpenAI and Google as the primary third-party providers, as well as by a number of JetBrains proprietary models. With a JetBrains AI service subscription, AI Assistant is available in IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, PhpStorm, ReSharper, and other JetBrains IDEs, as well as in Fleet as a supplemental feature.


  • Chat with JetBrains AI without leaving the IDE - Just ask a question in the chat, and AI Assistant will automatically supplement your query with the necessary details from your project context. No need to copy and paste code fragments – simply give JetBrains AI tasks like “Explain the code in the opened file” or “Rewrite MyClass as an abstract class.” Invoke actions like “Refactor this” or “Explain this” from the editor, receive help in the chat, and easily insert the code snippets back into the editor.
  • Code faster when you need to - Off-load less creative tasks, like writing tests, to AI Assistant. Alternatively, when you want to code faster or focus on business logic, have AI Assistant suggest code options based on your natural language prompt - right in the editor.
  • Delegate summarizing information - AI Assistant is very effective at speeding up activities like documenting code or writing a VCS commit message for a bunch of changes.
  • Find solutions while staying in context - Need to research an error or find a way to implement an algorithm? You can now do this without leaving the IDE. AI Assistant will explain what an error means, suggest a fix for your particular case, or offer a way to refactor the code.
  • Stay focused and lower the cognitive burden - Giving classes, functions, and variables meaningful names is important, but sometimes this can take you out of your coding flow. Leave it to AI Assistant to take care of naming as you write new code, or get it to help refactor existing code.
  • Secure - The products do not send more data to the LLMs than needed. Neither JetBrains nor the service providers use your data or code for training any generative models.
  • Tried and tested - JetBrains are testing various models and scenarios so you don’t have to. Each LLM service provider behind the JetBrains AI service is the best for the tasks it’s used for.
  • Cost-effective - Thanks to AI Assistant’s deep integration with multiple JetBrains products, you can reap the benefits of AI-powered assistance right in the comfort of your IDE and team tools with no increased investment. With distractions and context-switching out of the way, you can optimize your daily development workflows and raise your productivity while never compromising code quality.
  • Flexible - With the AI service, you will have access to cutting-edge LLMs not only today but also in the future, without having to do research or switch providers.

What’s included?

  • AI chat.
  • AI-powered multiline code completion.
  • Context-aware AI features (relevant code taken into account by the AI model).
  • Write documentation and commit messages.
  • Generate code from a description in the editor.
  • Generate tests for various code elements.
  • Explain code, including RegExp, SQL, and cron.
  • Explain and suggest fixes for errors.
  • Suggest a refactoring.
  • Propose names for classes, functions, and variables.
  • Create and maintain a library of custom prompts.
  • Convert code into another language.
  • Show which files were added to the context used by AI features.
  • Data sending, saving, and sharing transparency.