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PHP IDE with refactorings, code completion, on-the-fly code analysis and coding productivity orientation.

PhpStorm provides a rich and intelligent code editor for PHP with syntax highlighting, extended code formatting configuration, on-the-fly error checking, and smart code completion. PhpStorm is an IDE for HTML, JavaScript and PHP. PhpStorm code completion (Ctrl + Space) finalizes classes, methods, variable names, and PHP keywords, plus commonly used names for fields and variables depending on their type. PhpStorm editor respects PHPDoc in your code and provides appropriate code completion suggestions based on @property, @method and @var annotations. When you edit the PHPDoc for your code with PhpStorm, the variables names and types are auto-completed from the corresponding code blocks.

About PhpStorm
Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x
  • RedHat Linux 9.x
  • RedHat Linux 8.x
  • openSUSE 11.x
  • SUSE Linux 10.x
  • Ubuntu 10.x
  • Ubuntu 9.x
  • Mac OS X

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Latest News

PhpStorm 8 released
PhpStorm 8 released
New version adds full WordPress support and adds remote PHP interpreters.
PhpStorm updated
PhpStorm updated
PhpStorm V7 adds Improved Syntax Coloring
PhpStorm V7 adds Improved Syntax Coloring
Includes separate colors for declarations, function calls, static and instance method calls.
PhpStorm adds Composer Dependency Manager
PhpStorm adds Composer Dependency Manager
Manage dependencies and add packages with a user friendly UI.

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