MadCap Flare 2017 r3

Adds new Style Inspector to view and edit CSS properties.
October 17, 2017 - 8:41
New Version


  • New Style Inspector to view and edit your CSS properties - A new Style Inspector in the Formatting window pane lets you view and edit the style details for your content (topics, snippets, etc.) in real time, rather than having to edit styles in the stylesheet.
  • UI Enhancements for the Stylesheet Editor, Previews and More - Several new enhancements have been incorporated into the user interface related to styles.
    • Multi-select Properties with Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete.
    • Rename All Instances of Style Classes and IDs.
    • Rename Mediums and Modify Media Queries.
    • Show or Hide Style Previews in the UI.
    • Properties Shown on Hover.
    • Transform Property Enhancements.
    • View Inherited Stylesheet via Double-Click.
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Import - Easily import your Microsoft Excel files into your Flare projects as topics or snippets. By default, all workbooks, worksheets, rows, and columns are selected for import, but you can choose to exclude any part of the table or workbook by deselecting the corresponding data.
    • Spreadsheet content added to tables in Flare.
    • Import XLS, XLSX, or CSV files.
    • Import equations as MathML or images.
    • Split topics or snippets by maximum rows.
    • Automatically re-import files when building your output (Flare will sync with source Excel file to check for content updates prior to publishing).
  • Text Analysis for Readability, Average Sentence Length and More - A new text analysis tool allows you to run reports on your Flare project content. Scores are based on the “Flesch Reading Ease” and “Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level” tests, and reports can be run on topics, documents, entire projects or compared side-by-side to other documents. Reports include:
    • Readability scores.
    • Average sentence length.
    • Punctuality density per sentence.
    • Number of unique words.
  • Repeat Last Action Shortcut - When you are working in the XML Editor, you can use the F8 shortcut to repeat your last action. This feature uses the same controller that is used when you create macros in Flare.
  • Thesaurus Support - A Thesaurus window pane has been added, allowing you to quickly view and select words related to those in an open topic or snippet.
  • New Responsive Top Navigation Templates - Four new responsive top navigation templates are now available as free downloads.
MadCap Flare Style inspector.

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