Help & Manual Professional 7.3.3

Improves display when searching for a particular keyword.
December 06, 2017 - 15:10
New Version


  • Keyword Index Tool - Improved display when searching for a particular keyword.
  • Insert Snippet Dialog - Remembers the option to insert a snippet inline or on a new line.
  • Webhelp Full-text Search - The default word length limit of 35 characters has been extended.
  • Code Editor for Baggage Files - Support for .PHP and .ASP implemented.
  • AuthorIT Import - Context numbers were missing in some cases.
  • Inline Text Toggles - When expanded, it was possible that hidden text was inserted twice, depending on certain conditional-text options.
  • XML Keyword Index - When the XML data contained whitespace in second-level keywords, the whitespace was interpreted as a blank keyword.
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Help & Manual Professional

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