PL/SQL Developer v12.0.7

Maintenance release includes bug fixes.
February 14, 2018
New Version


  • Find & Replace functions did not work in a Macro.
  • Compile referencing objects did not show all invalid objects.
  • Selection Upper and Lower case did not work in a Macro.
  • Export Tables in Oracle format did not work when multiple tables were selected.
  • File > Close All could cause an Access Violation.
  • Window List function "Close all other Windows" could cause an Access Violation.
  • Project > Save button was not always immediately enabled when modifying project properties.
  • SQL Window did not parse multiple statements with Q'Strings correctly.
  • Executing a script in the Command Window with dbms_output would always display an empty line before the output.
  • Scripts generated by Export User Objects and Export Tables did not always include headers.
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