BardecodeFiler v2.4.2.1

Now uses .NET 4 rather than .NET 3.5.
February 19, 2018 - 9:29
New Version


  • BardecodeFiler now uses the .NET 4 Framework.
  • Option for adding date/time and page count fields to results.csv log file.
  • Added %UID token – this holds a unique id (within a batch) for each split and can be used for collating sequencing of jpg files with separator sheets into multi-page PDF or TIF files.
  • The version of the Debenu library has been upgraded to 13.12. Direct access Debenu functions are now used where possible, which allows processing of larger files.
  • The output folder for bardecodefiler.log, results.csv and custom log files can now be set in Options/Folders/Locations.


  • The FVALUE token now has invalid characters filtered correctly.
  • Error codes returned from the scanning process are now displayed correctly.


Split and Rename TIF Documents.

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