Oxygene v10.0

Adds full support for local/nested functions, plus other language improvements.
April 24, 2018 - 16:20
New Version


  • New 'defined()' infrastructure for conditional compilation.
  • EBuild as default tool chain on Mac and in Fire.
  • Full Java 8/9 language compatibility in Iodine.
  • Support for JDK9 in Cooper, with EBuild.
  • WebAssembly sub-platform in Island.
  • Many small language enhancements for Oxygene
    • Tuple operators.
    • Discards ('nil' in Oxygene, '_' in C#).
    • 'raise'/'throw' expressions (Oxygene and C#).
    • default literals (Oxygene and C#).
    • 'out var' parameters (Oxygene and C#).
    • Full support for local/nested functions in Oxygene.
    • 'type z = type z' to define incompatible type aliases in Oxygene.
    • 'static' keyword for members in Oxygene.
  • Debugger Improvements
    • Portable PDB Symbols (.NET/Mono).
    • CodeView Symbols (Island/Windows).

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