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RemObjects Oxygene is a modern, object oriented programming language. It builds on the strong foundation of Object Pascal, but extends it with many groundbreaking language features that will change the way you create software. Oxygene lets you target all platforms truly natively. This means that whether you are developing for iOS, watchOS, tvOS, the Mac, Android, Windows Phone, the regular Windows desktop, Linux or the Web, you will be working directly with each platform's native APIs and frameworks, and using the platform's native UI widgets. No unnecessary abstractions, and no lowest-common-denominator UI.

RemObjects Oxygene Features

Oxygene lets you compile your code for different target platforms. A target platform can be an operating system (such as Windows, or macOS) or a more virtualized multi-platform runtime environment (such as Java or .NET). The same language features are available on each platform and it is really easy to share code between platforms. But first and foremost, Oxygene is a great native fit on each individual platform, giving you full access to all the native APIs...

Latest News

RemObjects Elements
RemObjects Elements
October 15, 2019New Version
Adds support for Microsoft .NET Core 3.0, ASP.NET Core and Razor.
Oxygene v10.0
Oxygene v10.0
April 24, 2018New Version
Adds full support for local/nested functions, plus other language improvements.
Oxygene adds Cocoa Compiler
Oxygene adds Cocoa Compiler
June 3, 2013Feature Release
Create fully native applications for Mac and iOS.
Object Pascal language for Java and Android
Object Pascal language for Java and Android
December 21, 2011Press Release
A compiler for managed platforms that includes Class Contracts, Parallelized Execution and Error Reporting.

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