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RemObjects Mercury is an implementation of the BASIC programming language that is fully code-compatible with Microsoft Visual Basic.NET, but takes it to the next level, and to new horizons. Write VB-compatible code for any platform. With RemObjects Mercury you will be able to build your existing VB.NET projects, and leverage your Visual Basic language experience to write code for any modern target platform, including: Microsoft .NET, .NET Core, Mono and ASP.NET Core, the Java VM and any device that runs Java code, Android, both the Java-based SDK and the CPU-native NDK, Apple iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS (Cocoa, CPU-native), Microsoft Windows (CPU-native), Linux (CPU-native), and WebAssembly, for web browsers and Node.js.

Sophisticated IDEs for Windows and Mac
The Mercury language will be deeply integrated into RemObjects Software's development environments. Develop your projects in the smart yet lightweight IDEs, Water on Micrsoft Windows or Fire on Apple macOS – with project templates, code completion, integrated debugging for all platforms, and many other advanced development features. Mercury will also integrate into Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or 2019.

Mix Mercury Code With Other Languages
With RemObjects...

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RemObjects Mercury released
RemObjects Mercury released
Leverage your Visual Basic language experience to write code for any modern platform.

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