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RemObjects Data Abstract is a RAD tool for writing multi-tier solutions. It allows you to create services that access any database, by providing a clear separation between data-access and business-logic. Data Abstract enables your applications to interface with different database systems, even simultaneously, instead of depending from any single one. RemObjects Data Abstract supports a wide range of database back-ends, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Interbase/Firebird, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and many more.

RemObjects Data Abstract has established itself as a premier framework for building fast, secure and reliable data access into your applications, from Enterprise solutions to mobile apps, no matter what development platform you are on: .NET, Java, Cocoa, Delphi or even JavaScript.

Data Abstract is not a one-size-fits-all cross-platform library. RemObjects Software believe strongly in creating native apps for all target platforms. Data Abstract is designed from the ground up for each individual...

Latest News

Remoting SDK 9.7.115
Remoting SDK 9.7.115
Adds support for Visual Studio 2019.
Data Abstract 9.7.115
Data Abstract 9.7.115
Adds support for Visual Studio 2019 and updates database profile for NexusDB.
Remoting SDK v9.5.111
Remoting SDK v9.5.111
Adds support for Embarcadero Delphi 10.3 Rio.
Remoting SDK v9.5
Remoting SDK v9.5
Adds support for SSL certificate auto-reloading, plus compatibility with RemObjects' Water IDE.
Data Abstract for All Platforms v9.5
Data Abstract for All Platforms v9.5
Adds support for Delphi 10.3 Rio, plus enhancements to .NET, Java and Cocoa editions.
Remoting SDK v9.4
Remoting SDK v9.4
Adds support for .NET Standard projects and enhances CORS performance.

Prices from: $ 1,665.02

All licenses are per-user and include one year of free updates and support, from the day of purchase. Products never expire. Data Abstract includes a developer license for Relativity Server. Premium...

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