Basic Primitives orgDiagram 4.3.0

Adds new diagramming options, new samples and support for jQuery 3.3.1.
September 19, 2018 - 9:28
New Version


  • Added option groupTitlePlacementType to primitives.famdiagram.Config and primitives.orgdiagram.Config. Property swaps positions of group title and buttons.
  • Added option enableMatrixLayout, minimumMatrixSize and maximumColumnsInMatrix to primitives.famdiagram.Config. See Family Chart & Annotations demo for usage.
  • Added option hideGrandParentsConnectors for primitives.famdiagram.Config. See patents demo for usage.
  • Updated demos and samples to use jQuery 3.3.1 & jQuery UI 1.12.1 libraries.
  • Reworked background annotations merge. Items backgrounds don't grow beyond padding area anymore.
  • Reworked keyboard navigation. So it respects nodes crossing multiple layers of nodes.
  • Reworked mouse highlight gravity. Nodes are no longer highlighted when cursor is out of nodes bounds.
  • Removed PhantomJS support and page split rendering mode. Use PDFkit plugin for PDF generation and printing.
  • Reworked labels conflicts resolution in labels visibility auto mode.
  • Improved layout update and rendering triggered by cursor change event.
  • Reworked horizontal alignment algorithm for Family chart.
  • Reorganized samples.


  • Fixed selection/pin checkbox label click in IE.
  • Fixed bug in jQuery UI Layout library used in demos.
  • Fixed inactive items usage in Family diagram.
Organizational Chart Partners & Annotations sample.

Basic Primitives Diagram

JavaScript/HTML/PDF Organizational Chart, Family & Dependencies Diagrams.

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