Basic Primitives Diagram

Basic Primitives Diagram is a 100% JavaScript component library for building general purpose diagrams without manual nodes layout. It works in all major browsers, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and mobile browsers. Supports graphics rendering in VML, SVG and Canvas modes depending on the browser. Ideal for displaying large hierarchical chart visualizations, Paper style Organizational charts, Multi-parent hierarchical charts, family trees, dependencies charts and PERT charts. BasicPrimitives works with jQuery UI Dragable & Droppable interactions. Through a full API you can add, remove and modify individual items and change many other properties at any time after chart creation. Widget update time is as fast as its navigation.

Supported Diagrams

  • Hierarchy Visualization.
  • Organizational Chart.
  • Multi-parent Hierarchical Chart.
  • Family Tree.
  • Dependencies Diagram.
  • PERT Chart.
  • Financial Ownership Diagram.

Pure JavaScript

  • 100% client side JavaScript layout and rendering.
  • Implemented in pure JavaScript without dependency on 3d party libraries.
  • Works in all major modern browsers Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and mobile browsers. Supports graphics rendering in SVG and Canvas modes depending on user options...

Latest News

Basic Primitives Diagram v5.5.0
Basic Primitives Diagram v5.5.0
Improves API annotation capability.
Basic Primitives Diagram 5.4.0
Basic Primitives Diagram 5.4.0
Adds cycle references tolerance to labels objects.
Basic Primitives Diagram 5.3.0
Basic Primitives Diagram 5.3.0
Adds new properties to define user preferences for items order in Family Diagram.
Basic Primitives Diagram v5.2.4
Basic Primitives Diagram v5.2.4
Adds optional center on cursor parameter to update method.
Basic Primitives orgDiagram 5.1.1
Basic Primitives orgDiagram 5.1.1
Adds JSON ML support for HTML templates, plus ReactJS demos and tutorials.
Basic Primitives orgDiagram 4.3.0
Basic Primitives orgDiagram 4.3.0
Adds new diagramming options, new samples and support for jQuery 3.3.1.

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One software license is required per developer. Developer License: Allows licensed number of developers to work with Basic Primitives Diagram. Allows Basic Primitives Diagram to be used with an...

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