ImageKit.NET3 (Build 3.1.10214)

Includes updates to annotation and scanning functions.
October 10, 2018 - 14:35
New Version


  • PageCount property and Unit property values enabled when the Mode property is set to ScanMode.InformationFile in scanning functions.
  • Added the ImageKit.Edit.DrawArc method in annotation functions.
  • When the EditKind property is set to KindOfEdit.None, MultiSelect is now enabled in annotation functions. Until now, when the EditEnabled property was True, the ImageKit.RectDraw property multi-select capability was disabled.
    Now, when EditKind = KindOfEdit.None, if ImageKit.RectDraw = True, the mouse can be used to select an area on the image and the ImageKit.Rect property values will be enabled.
  • The PriorityDisplaySpeed property was added to the ImageKit control. This property allows large images to be displayed quickly by giving priority to display functions at the expense of other functions such as dragging, scrolling, zooming, drawing, etc.
  • The PageNumber property has been added to the ThumbnailEventArgs class and the ThumbnailLoadEventArgs class.
  • Canon DR scanners now support the Scan.RotateBack property.


  • Some annotation files do not contain TextAlign information, such as annotation files saved by the ImageKit.NET2. When such annotation files are loaded, the text position was centered within the text object. This has been fixed.
  • In Effect functions, continued improving the tilt correction in the Deskew method.
  • Modified the WinThumbnail control related to movement of thumbnail images.
  • In Effect functions, fixed a problem with the tilt correction in the Deskew method.
  • In Annotation functions, fixed a problem when the ImageKit control is not displayed and a text object was selected, when the SelectedObjectFontSize was set the DrawPoint was (0,0). This has been fixed.
  • When the EditEnabled property was false and the LoadAnnotationFile or SaveAnnotationFile methods failed, the ErrorStatus returned Error.None. This has been fixed.
  • When saving an image as a pdf file, the timedate in the pdf file's properties is now in 24 hour and not 12 hour format.
  • In annotation functions, when a PasteImage object was loaded from an annotation file, then one of the SelectedObject.... properties used to edit the PasteImage object, the results could not be saved back into an annotation file.
  • In annotation functions, when an ImageKit control instance was created in code (not by being placed on the form) and an annotation object drawn on that ImageKit control, when the object was selected, the were not correctly set.
  • In touch screen functions, after zooming, there were problems using one finger or a tablet computer pen for input.
  • In annotation functions, clicking on the ImageKit control changed the EditKind property where EditKind.Text inadvertently created a new text box.
  • In annotation functions, we fixed a variety of issues with ToolBarAnnotation and EditKind interaction.
  • When using the AppendTiffImage method or InseertPageIntoMultipageTiff method to save Tiff files, if the SaveFileType was set to values other than Tiff format and these methods failed, they still returned a value of True.
  • When using the annotation Image object, the property values retrieved by the GetImageFileType method were sometimes incorrect.
  • When no image was being displayed in the ImageKit control and the left mouse button was clicked, the MouseDown, MouseMove, and MouseUp events did not fire.
  • In annotation functions, when the CanDeselectAllSelect property was true, either by using the toolbar SelectAll button or by executing the SelectAllObjects method, and the objects were moved, the location of the objects was incorrect.
  • In the WinThumbnail control, regardless of the value of the EnableMouseMoveButton property, when thumbnails were moved with the mouse the MouseMoveOnThumbnail event fired.
  • In annotation functions, when using Text or Stamp objects without borders or automatic newline breaks, there were problems limiting the boundaries of the the objects.
  • In annotation functions, when using Text or Stamp objects without borders or automatic newline breaks, zooming in sometimes resulted in the position of the object shifting.
  • When using the WinThumbnail control, an exception error was generated if ColumnNumber or RowNumber values were changed.
  • When the annotation Text object or Stamp object had thick border, the bottom right portion of the text was not displayed properly.
  • When an annotation object was embedded into the image (rasterized) the EndEditObject did not fire.
  • As a result of update version 3.0.*.10110, there were problems when the annotation Stamp object's shape was set to ellipse.
  • In the ImageKit control, the MouseWheelDirection property or ToolTip property values set at design time in the property window did not work properly.
  • In the ImageKit control, when the DisplayMode was set to ActualSize and the image was smaller than the ImageKit control, the StartDrawX and StartDrawY property values were not reflected in the image's display postion when the StartCoodinateFree property was True.


100% native .NET image processing component.

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