ImageKit.NET lets you add image-processing functionality to your .NET applications quickly and easily. Retrieve images from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras; load and save image files in a variety of formats; apply image filters and transformations to your images; display images in the display, pan window, or thumbnail controls. ImageKit.NET contains components for both Windows Forms and Web Forms applications.


  • Support for drawing text with borders, shadows, and gradients in Text and Stamp annotation objects.
  • Support for double lines, adjustable line width and spacing in Line, Polyline, Polygon, and Pen objects.
  • Support for zooming in and out when multiple annotation objects are selected.
  • Support for special fill patterns in annotation objects.
  • Added methods to easily draw arcs and fans.
  • Support for saving images in Tiff Jpeg format.
  • Support for multiple selection of any object while holding...

Latest News

Easily Draw Curves using Polyline Objects
Easily Draw Curves using Polyline Objects
September 27, 2023Product Update
ImageKit.NET3 v3.0.10704 enhances annotation and editing functions to support smooth curves.
ImageKit.NET3 v3.0.10704
ImageKit.NET3 v3.0.10704
September 27, 2023New Version
Adds the ability to draw curves using Polyline objects.
ImageKit.NET3 v3.0.10701
ImageKit.NET3 v3.0.10701
June 20, 2023New Version
Adds function to modify a specific page from a multi-page TIFF file.
ImageKit.NET3 v3.0.10605
ImageKit.NET3 v3.0.10605
July 22, 2022New Version
Adds double line support for Polyline, Polygon and Pen annotation objects.
ImageKit.NET3 v3.0.10604
ImageKit.NET3 v3.0.10604
March 23, 2022New Version
Annotation text can now be set by right-clicking in the text box.
ImageKit.NET3 v3.0.10602
ImageKit.NET3 v3.0.10602
January 25, 2022New Version
Adds the ability to set text and background color when drawing Text or Pen annotation objects.

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  • .NET WinForms

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