QueryStorm v1.13

An Excel plugin that adds powerful development and data processing capabilities into Microsoft Excel.
November 26, 2018 - 15:28
New Version

QueryStorm is a plugin for Microsoft Excel for professionals who work with spreadsheets. It’s an IDE and runtime that allows using SQL and C# inside Excel making spreadsheets much more useful and accessible to tech users. Upgrade your data processing toolset in Excel with the full repertoire of SQL operations, conveniently available at a single click. Easily move data between Excel and various relational databases with a unique interface that's convenient and built right into Excel. QueryStorm allows developers to process data and build prototype applications in Excel, making use of SQL, C#, regular expressions and more, whilst business users can make use of automated workbooks or run powerful data transformations with quick queries, without having to write any code at all.

New in v1.13

  • Preprocessor now allows resolving to unquoted strings (e.g. column names), by starting the expression inside the curly brackets with # sign e.g.: select {#columnName} from myTable
  • (Here columnName is a named range containing the name of the column to resolve. Cell references are also valid (e.g. {#A1} or {#Sheet1!A1}).)
  • C# engine:
    • Column names that have illegal C# identifier names are normalized and are now accessible as properties (not just via indexer).
    • Properties can be decorated with [System.ComponentModel.DisplayName("some name")] to control the display name of headers in results and when writing to Excel.
  • Working with cells:
    • Large speed improvements when working with cells both from C# and SQL.
    • SQLite can now run update statements on XLCells.
  • CSV file:
    • C#: The CSV function returns an object that allows updating the original data via "Commit()" method.
    • SQLite allows running an update statement on CSV tables (returned from C# TVFs).
  • New snippets - removes limitation of 200 items in autocomplete.
  • Selecting text now makes the font white (even for classes).
  • Improved startup performance.
  • Adds support for DB2.


Excel Plugin adds powerful development and data processing capabilities into Microsoft Excel.

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