QueryStorm is an add-in for Microsoft Excel for tech savvy professionals who work with spreadsheets. It’s an IDE and runtime that allows using SQL and C# inside Excel making spreadsheets much more useful and accessible to tech users.

I had a large migration from HR to clean and turn into one Excel report. The data was a real mess, it was all in different layouts and some of it was in PDF files. Months of work ended up taking me a week, using QueryStorm to write SQL queries to transform the data.

Pedrag Petrovic, Head of IT, Construction

Spreadsheets are used in the business world to a remarkable extent. Business applications and systems are expensive to develop, introduce and maintain, so whenever there is a business need that is not being satisfied by existing software, chances are good that spreadsheets will be used to solve it, at least initially. Spreadsheets offer a lot of functionality and are accessible to non-technical users, making them an excellent solution for ad hoc data storage and data processing tasks.


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QueryStorm v1.13
QueryStorm v1.13
An Excel plugin that adds powerful development and data processing capabilities into Microsoft Excel.

Prices from: $ 489.02

One software license is required per developer. Runtime Royalty Free. Licenses unlock the use of the QueryStorm IDE. The IDE allows tech professionals to process data in Excel and to build interactive...

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