About QueryStorm

Excel Plugin adds powerful development and data processing capabilities into Microsoft Excel.

QueryStorm is an add-in for Microsoft Excel for tech savvy professionals who work with spreadsheets. It’s an IDE and runtime that allows using SQL and C# inside Excel making spreadsheets much more useful and accessible to tech users. For tech users who spend any considerable time in Excel, lack of proper support for tech skills tends to be a source of frustration. The purpose of QueryStorm is to greatly reduce this problem by adding easy and convenient support for SQL and C# into Excel, as well as better database connectivity. QueryStorm makes moving data between Excel and databases much easier. As soon as you connect, Excel tables are visible to the database (as temp tables).

Spreadsheets are used in the business world to a remarkable extent. Business applications and systems are expensive to develop, introduce and maintain, so whenever there is a business need that is not being satisfied by existing software, chances are good that spreadsheets will be used to solve it, at least initially. Spreadsheets offer a lot of functionality and are accessible to non-technical users, making them an excellent solution for ad hoc data storage and data processing tasks.

In practice, spreadsheet solutions tend to be long-lived. They often live for years side by side with other systems and quite often have to exchange data with them. They are a separate silo of data, one that is difficult to reach for the people whose job it is to curate and organize company data, namely tech users.

Spreadsheets offer very limited support for tech skills, so tech savvy users cannot easily deal with the data they contain. Neither can they make the best use of spreadsheets to provide good business solutions, since spreadsheets lack support for modern programming languages and libraries.

The purpose of QueryStorm is to add powerful and convenient support for SQL and C# right into Excel. This gives the tech user much more power when working with data in spreadsheets, as well as providing the ability to build application-like documents with rich behavior and connectivity to the outside world.

Full SQL support in Excel
Excel has tables, just like databases do. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use SQL to work with them? With QueryStorm, you can!

Use SQL to clean, query and modify data in Excel tables as if it was in database tables.

Get the best of both worlds: the processing power of SQL and the flexibility and visualization capabilities of Excel.

Full C# support too
With QueryStorm's C# support, you can run LINQ queries against Excel tables, automate Excel using C# (instead of VBA) and fetch data from almost anywhere using .NET libraries.

With C# support, Excel turns into a powerful developer tool in your arsenal.

Two-way database connectivity
Make Excel a natural extension of your databases, and vice versa.

Connecting to an external database opens a two-way connection between Excel and the database, making it easy to move data in either direction.

QueryStorm supports SQL Server, Postgres, Redshift, MySql, Oracle, SQLite, Access, and ODBC.

Spiffy IDE
QueryStorm's IDE offers an enjoyable and efficient code editing experience. It boasts many of the features you might expect from a modern development environment, including intelligent autocomplete, auto formatting, error squiggles, function insights, symbol actions and much more.

Distributable runtime (free)
QueryStorm isn't just for running one-off queries and transformations; it's also a runtime that you can build rich interactive workbooks on.

QueryStorm does not require a license for runtimme functionality, so you don't need any kind of license for your clients, they just need to have it installed.