PowerShell ModuleManager 2019 (1.0.2)

The essential tool for managing all PowerShell modules on your machine.
December 04, 2018 - 10:15
New Product


  • Added: Ability to cache module information from current session to load into next session.
  • Added: Update All button on ribbon. Update all modules that appear to have an update.
  • Added: Install Versions of modules from the Respository Search Dialog.
  • Added: Keyboard Shortcuts for update, uninstall, and disable.
  • Added: PowerShell Core button on ribbon.
  • Added: Remove all old versions when updating module.
  • Added: Remove old versions, keeping only the latest version installed.
  • Added: Move Installation Scope - Toggle between between the two install locations (Program Files and Documents).
  • Added: Open Root Module - Open the main file listed as the Root Module file with default editor for file type.
  • Added: Open Containing Folder - Open the module folder.
  • Added: Clobber Check.
  • Added: Publisher Check.
  • Added: Commandline Arguements for searching a repository.
  • Added: Dependency information to Information Pane and ability to click and open search.
  • Added: Project Url and License Url were added to Information Pane, only visible if information is found.
  • Added: Add all sapien products to tools page on ribbon.
  • Added: Ability to change execution policy via Script Security Center.
  • Updated: Changed layout of Information Pane data.


  • Fixed: Catch install error for publisher check and accept license.
  • Fixed: Skin change colors entires window.
  • Fixed: Fix information pane sizing.
  • Fixed: Context menu not dismissed.
  • Fixed: Improve performance on start.
PowerShell ModuleManager

PowerShell ModuleManager

Essential tool for managing all PowerShell modules on your machine

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