PowerShell ModuleManager

Whether you are a PowerShell beginner or expert, PowerShell modules are an important resource for your script development. PowerShell ModuleManager is a management tool for PowerShell modules. See updates for modules currently installed on your local machine. More than one module needs an update - PowerShell ModuleManager will update all modules for you. Search repositories, like the PowerShell Gallery, to install new modules and see details about the module to help you decide this is the module for your needs. Install any version of the module with PowerShell ModuleManager. If you are not sure what modules are installed on your machine, seeing installed modules has never been easier as our PowerShell ModuleManager helps you sort and find modules you have installed.

PowerShell ModuleManager Benefits:

  • Search the PowerShell Gallery or any other repository for new modules.
  • Install, remove or temporarily disable modules.
  • Keep modules up-to-date.
  • Remove duplicate and outdated versions of modules to prevent version confusion.
  • Filter and find specific modules on your machine.
  • View detailed module information at a glance.
  • Move and organize module locations.

PowerShell ModuleManager Key Features:

Search and Filter
Search and filter through modules you currently have...

Latest News

PowerShell ModuleManager 2022 (1.2.15)
PowerShell ModuleManager 2022 (1.2.15)
Adds a new Progress panel and improves error messages.
PowerShell ModuleManager 2022
PowerShell ModuleManager 2022
Adds the ability to install a list of modules from a JSON file.
PowerShell ModuleManager 2021 (1.1.8)
PowerShell ModuleManager 2021 (1.1.8)
Improves DPI-awareness and skinning for menus.
PowerShell ModuleManager 2019 (1.1.4)
PowerShell ModuleManager 2019 (1.1.4)
Adds PSModulePath Editor for editing PSModulePath environmental variable.
PowerShell ModuleManager 2019 (1.1.3)
PowerShell ModuleManager 2019 (1.1.3)
Adds context menu in Versions Dialog.
PowerShell ModuleManager 2019 (1.1.0)
PowerShell ModuleManager 2019 (1.1.0)
Adds remoting (Install via Repository, Uninstall, Update), plus new remote connections panel.

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