Highmaps v7.0.0

New Highcharts Debugger, NPM accessible maps, plus optimizations for faster download and rendering.
December 13, 2018 - 12:23
New Version


  • Typescript support:
    • Highcharts NPM package now allows type checking for most Highcharts options and functions, including auto-complete code with integrated documentation for TypeScript-capable editors like Visual Studio Code.
  • Annotation API for supporting user interaction:
    • Build user-interfaces for client-side annotation, via the API. Offered as a turnkey solution that includes commonly used annotations, such as text labels, shapes, arrows, and flags, it is also easily extended with your own annotations.
    • Client-side editing of charts makes it easy for non-developers to enhance their charts for more engaging storytelling. Allows end users to write text, draw arrows and symbols, ideal for all kinds of publishers, scientists or analysts.
  • As a convenience for users of Highmaps, hundreds of maps, optimized for fast download and rendering, may now also be accessed via NPM.
  • New, interactive Highcharts Debugger helps speed up development by providing instantaneous warnings and error reports above your charts. The error messages provide clear instructions on how to resolve your issue.
  • New chart types:
    • Venn diagram.
    • Euler diagram.
    • Packed Bubble charts.
    • Depth Chart (aka. Wall Chart).
    • Pyramid Column.
    • 3D Cylinder.
    • Force-Directed graphs (aka. Network Graph).
  • Enhanced accessibility module with a sonification API for rendering data series into audio frequencies.
  • Improved label positioning options in pie charts.
  • Improved legend representation of bubble charts.
  • Improved chart styling with CSS (aka. styled mode) will now be activated through options on a chart-by-chart basis, instead of as a separate library.

Highmaps JS

Add interactive, mobile-optimized charts and maps to your web and mobile projects.

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