SQL Source Control v7.0.6

Adds copy to clipboard button on some error dialogs and improves error dialog on failed commit.
January 08, 2019 - 17:16
New Version


  • Improve error dialog on failed commit.
  • Add copy to clipboard button on some error dialogs.


  • Fixed the problem that caused some buttons in the SQL Source Control UI to be invisible in the first run after installation.
  • SC-10339: Adding a column to a table with a history table no longer attempts to re-create an existing index.
  • SC-10355: SQL Source Control can now handle more than one sensitivity classification per table.
  • SC-10319: SQL Source Control now recognises primary keys on filetables so they can be referenced by other objects.
  • SC-10321: SQL Source Control will no longer attempt to create an index on a view without dropping it when a related CLR assembly is being modified.
  • SC-10336: Unique indexes on memory optimized tables can now be correctly committed without losing their UNIQUE property.
  • SC-10351: SQL Source Control no longer fails to parse the PREDICT function.
SQL Source Control

SQL Source Control

Database source control within SSMS.

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