Basic Primitives orgDiagram 5.1.1

Adds JSON ML support for HTML templates, plus ReactJS demos and tutorials.
January 24, 2019 - 12:04
New Version


  • Removed dependency on jQuery.
  • Added pure JavaScript Controls primitives.orgdiagram.Control and primitives.famdiagram.Control.
  • Added JSON ML support for HTML templates.
  • Removed support of VML and IE8.
  • Reworked Drag & Scroll to use native JavaScript draggable object.
  • Published React Demo & Tutorial.
  • Added pagination for nodes in page fit mode set to None.


  • Non-backward compatible API changes.
  • Extracted jQuery UI Widgets into separate file primitives.jquery.latest.js.


  • Fixed highlight call-out placement in CSS Zoom scale mode.
  • Fixed selection check-boxes to ignore mouse double click event.
  • Fixed controls rendering inside divs having computed width and height.
  • Fixed document undefined bug in NodeJS environment.
  • Fixed cursor neighbours selection over template inactive items.
  • Fixed call out placement in auto size mode when control is placed in document layout and scrolled.
  • Fixed highlight path annotation tracing when famDiagram option hiding direct connections to grandparents is enabled.
  • Fixed false layout invalidation on highlight changed event.
  • Fixed fit to page mode in primitives.famdigram.Control.
Basic Primitives orgDiagram

Basic Primitives Diagram

JavaScript/HTML/PDF Organizational Chart, Family & Dependencies Diagrams.

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