Eyeshot Professional 12

New support for ISO/ANSI formats, metric & imperial units and bidirectional exchange with AutoCAD® layouts.
January 30, 2019 - 11:54
New Version


  • Environments - Added Model, Drawings and Simulation environments. Environments are variants of the Eyeshot control tailored for their specific scope.
  • Drawings - The Drawings environment embodies AutoCAD®’s Paper Space. This new control supports ISO and ANSI sheets formats, title blocks, vector and raster views, metric and imperial units, bidirectional exchange with AutoCAD® layouts and read/write from proprietary file format.
  • Table - The Table entity mimics the AutoCAD table entity and it can be stored in DWG/DXF without losing its properties.
  • Teigha SWIG - Eyeshot version 12 replaces the deprecated Teigha .NET Classic with Teigha SWIG platform for DWG/DXF interoperability. Another benefit of this platform switch is the WritePDF class that allows geometry export to 3D PDF file format.
  • LAS file format - Optimized the speed of LAS file import and added export.
  • BRep import/export - Brep (formerly Solid3D) objects are now read/write as native BRep objects from/to DWG/DXF.
  • Temporary Entities - How many times have you wished you could add some objects to the scene without seeing them in the entities collection? Temporary entities were designed exactly for this reason. They can be used to highlight an item or a workflow in your application. The TempEntities source code sample provides all the implementation details.
  • Improved Lighting - Your 3D geometry now looks better.
  • Multi-plane Clipping - The Eyeshot 12 clipping with capping feature has been extended to multiple planes.
  • New WPF Renderer - A new, less intrusive, native renderer for WPF control is available.
  • FastZPR - FastZPR is a new feature to improve Zoom/Pan/Rotate dynamic movement speed. It kicks in when the scene complexity goes beyond a specified threshold and it supports complex datasets.
  • BRep drawing speed - The drawing speed of Brep (formerly Solid3D) entities was optimized.
  • ObjectManipulator - Added scaling support to ObjectManipulator and a number of options to change its style.
  • Thumbnail View - The proprietary file format now supports thumbnail views.
  • SubdivideBy - The SubdivideBy() method was added at Brep and Brep.Face level to allow better face coloring or geometry preparation for Finite Element Analysis.
  • Instance Visibility - In Eyeshot version 12 you can now toggle visibility at BlockReference instance level. The AssemblyBrowser sample was updated do demonstrate this feature.
  • Samples - New PaperSpace, ComputeDistance and TempEntities samples were added. The DraftingDemo, ObjectManipulator and SelectTriangles where updated.
  • Dataset - The dataset assembly has been replaced by source code. In version 12 all the samples’ custom controls are now available in plain C#.
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